The PoA will be established after the OEWG 202

Co-proposed by 40 expresses, a Program of Activity (PoA) for progressing mindful state conduct in the internet would lay out ‘a long-lasting UN discussion to think about the utilization of ICTs by States with regards to global security’. The proposal recommends that the PoA be presented in a single, inclusive, long-term, and progress-oriented format; The United Nations General Assembly may then approve its implementation and subsequent measures.

A resolution on the cybersecurity program of action (PoA) was approved by the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly in November 2022.

In recent cyber negotiations, the term “acquis,” which is a reference to the EU’s body of laws, was used to refer to the existing agreements. While it has in practically no time been embraced for casual conversations, there is still no unmistakable comprehension of all that it envelops.