Texas Exploration Park on Public Thruway 211

The establishment started out in 1984 and truly hit its sweet spot twenty years some other time when ILEX Oncology, a startup hatched at the Texas Exploration Park on Public Thruway 211, was purchased by Genzyme Corp. for $1 billion.

When in 2015 Microsoft bought a bundle of land in the 1,500-section of land research park for its server farm, “that made a huge difference,” said Rene Dominguez, president and head working official of the Texas Exploration and Innovation Establishment.

“That gave actually the energy and cash expected to change the procedure,” he said. ” By then, the exploration establishment had significant assets and needed to send them in an extremely significant manner.”

In late 2017, it bought the long-empty Vendors Ice Working at 1305 E. Houston St. for $4.5 million. The foundation then got to work on a redevelopment plan to house what would be the foundation’s startup incubator and a facility to help researchers who wanted to sell their bioscience inventions.