STEM education program looking for San Antonio students

A charitable gathering is searching for San Antonio understudies to join a free, three-year program beginning this fall in which they’ll be planning and building gadgets to investigate lunar caverns.

The Lunar Caves Analog Test Sites program, or LCATS, builds on the 2009 discovery of 500-foot-wide underground pits on the moon, allowing students to investigate the science behind the possibility of using them as human habitational shelters.

The non-profit organization known as the WEX Foundation works with the local school districts in an effort to reach more economically disadvantaged students, students from underrepresented minorities, and female students. Students’ tuition is paid for by NASA, the WEX Foundation, LiftFund, Astroport Space Technologies, and private donors. For the impending school year, most of program costs will be covered by a $110,000 gift from the Kelly Legacy Establishment.