Mustafa stated that they intend to continue working

He stated, “I was very moved by [Mustafa’s] story.” I feel like I can do that for any other person’s family member if I can give them that sense of independence, give them that sense of like, “I can take care of myself,” even if it’s just feeding themselves. This made me feel very passionate about this project because I have family members who have disabilities that are similar to this one.

While mechanized taking care of robots for crippled people presently exist, they are inconvenient and have a sticker price beginning around $6,000, Mustafa said. She and the gathering might want to have the option to sell the finished OMAR at around $1,300 to make it reasonable for additional individuals, she said.

At the conference, the group won third spot and a $2,000 monetary reward. Mustafa stated that they intend to continue working on enhancements to the OMAR with those funds even after graduation. She and the other five understudies trust their robot will actually want to be efficiently manufactured soon, she added.

Mustafa stated that she believes her uncle would be pleased with the OMAR and her.

She stated, “I think he would like it.” It’s a good feeling to give a physically disabled person the ability to be independent once more.