Monitor inflammatory bowel diseases and the symptoms

Daniel Magley is pursuing a doctoral degree in the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology. He has a passion for making it possible for everyone to have a mind and body that are healthy and fully functional. His cutting-edge work focuses on creating a capsule that can be swallowed and uses wireless thermal imaging.

This capsule could be used to treat and monitor inflammatory bowel diseases and the symptoms they cause, like Crohn’s disease. The capsule has the potential to significantly enhance treatment efficacy and the overall patient experience with routine monitoring because it eliminates the need for bowel preparation and provides increased sensitivity.

The container has finished creature studies and is entering human examinations at Mass General Brigham, where Magley drives a group of designers in the clinic’s biggest translational exploration lab, the Tearney Lab. The greatest technological and regulatory risks will be cleared for translation following the human pilot studies.

After that, Magley will begin working on a multi-site study with the goal of getting the device into clinics and helping patients all over the country. Magley procured a BS in electrical designing from Caltech.