Michigan to introduce legislation combatting deceptive uses of AI in political advertising

Legislation that would require campaigns to disclose the use of AI in their advertisements and prohibit AI-generated deepfakes without transparent disclosure is expected to be enacted in the state. AI deepfakes may deceive voters in the 2024 elections, raising new concerns.

In order to combat deceptive uses of artificial intelligence (AI) and manipulated media in political advertising, state-level policies are scheduled to be implemented in Michigan. Campaigns will be required to disclose whether their political advertisements in Michigan were created using AI under the legislation, which is expected to be signed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

In addition, it will prohibit the use of AI-generated deepfakes without a separate disclosure stating that the media has been manipulated, especially within 90 days of an election.

The Republican National Committee released an AI-generated ad that depicts a dystopian future if President Joe Biden is re-elected as one example of how AI has been used in political advertising. A super PAC that backs Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis used an AI voice-cloning tool to imitate the voice of former President Donald Trump in a social media post. This was another instance.