Goodson’s first-hand experience in Southern Afghanistan

They left CTI, yet without an unmistakable thought of what issue they needed to handle. Goodson viewed that as by getting back to San Diego, where he had isolated from the U.S. Naval force in 2016. He had been working in a unit that supported the Navy’s West Coast SEAL team at the time.

Working with bulky and cumbersome drones was Goodson’s first-hand experience in Southern Afghanistan, and he and Turner set out to find the SEAL team’s biggest pain points, be they tools or processes.

Today, Goodson is President and Turner is the central specialized official of San Antonio-based Darkhive, which is fostering a little, economical independent robot for military and public wellbeing use. Additionally, the company has entered related software development.

Just a week after Darkhive announced that it had been awarded a $1.25 million contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory to advance a voice-enabled command and control system for smartphone-based technology utilized by the military for tactical information feeds, various analytics, and visualizations, Goodson hosted a panel on how to get a defense tech startup going on Tuesday at San Antonio Startup Week.

In order to develop “resilient, low-cost autonomous drone swarming technologies,” Darkhive secured four additional contracts worth almost $5 million with AFWERX, which is part of the Air Force Research Lab.