EU digital identity wallet to be piloted in Luxembourg

In order to test the region’s digital identity system, the Luxembourg Ministry of Digitalization and its Government IT Centre will join other public and private sector organizations in 19 other European states and Ukraine.

The European Digital Identity Wallet pilot program (EUDIW)’s framework, the Potential Consortium, will store and exchange official documents for six use cases. For Luxembourg, the utilization cases incorporate versatile driving licenses, getting to eGovernment administrations, opening a ledger, and remote report marking.

The Ministry anticipated moving forward with its goal of protecting citizens’ wallets, which it claims will be convenient, secure, and simple to use.

In the primary occasion, the pilot is an essential move toward the execution cycle of public computerized IDs, considering that few nations across the globe have been experiencing issues with their examples. Additionally, the EUDIW will consolidate relations within the bloc, making it easier to conduct cross-border business and maintain relationships.