Essay on A Rainy Day

Introduction: I like it best when it rains. I really like those kinds of days. On a rainy day, the environment undergoes numerous transformations and variations. Everything turns dark ahead of the rain because there are a lot of clouds in the sky. I find the scenery to be stunning. It becomes too stunning, especially at night.

Why I Like It When It Rains: I stated that I greatly enjoy rainy days. Let me explain why I enjoy that so much. I never go to school on a rainy day because the road becomes impassable. My siblings and I have a hard time getting to school on a rainy day because we do not have a car. We remain at home.

More often than not my dad likewise remains with us. Our family has a wonderful time as a result. My mother prepares a variety of meals for us. We play video games while my parents typically watch television. We sleep and study occasionally.

During the rainy season, we frequently experience significant rainfall. A day like that is referred to as a rainy day. It is only a specific day, not a season. We’ve all been through a lot of rainy days. We will discuss important aspects of a rainy day in this essay.

Suitable for Some Individuals: A lot of people find comfort and enjoyment in a rainy day. The individuals who do not need to leave the house for work feel extremely at ease. The students are among them in that scenario. On a rainy day, the students never want to go to school.

They enjoy spending time at home playing with their cousins and siblings. They also occasionally watch TV. In those days, the housewives always prepared something special. The most loved dish is ‘Bhuna Khichuri’. In Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, it is a well-known dish.

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