ChatGPT vs Copilot vs Grok vs Ernie: Here’s how AI chatbots

Google’s entry into the AI chatbot market intensifies the competition with major players like Meta, Microsoft, Snap, and xAI. Google Bard has recently undergone significant enhancements, enabling it to compete effectively in the AI chatbot landscape despite its widespread use worldwide.

According to HT Tech, Google introduced Gemini AI, a new model that can produce outputs in a variety of formats, including images, video, and audio, particularly in its most powerful version, in a recent update. Google Bard is now being driven by this cutting-edge model. To survey its presentation comparative with other chatbots like ChatGPT, BingAI, Grok, and others, an assessment is required.

According to the company, the Gemini Pro AI model is now the driving force behind Google Bard, a significant and superior upgrade renowned for its proficiency in mathematics and physics. Google claims that its AI model performed better than OpenAI’s LLM in 30 out of 32 benchmarks when compared to GPT-4. These benchmarks cover reasoning, math, reading comprehension, Python code generation, and other areas.