ChatGPT attacks Elon Musk’s man-made intelligence model Grok over ‘normal’ reactions

The discussions around Elon Musk’s generative simulated intelligence stage Grok are not even close to halting as ChatGPT on Saturday shared a screen capture where Grok had answered a brief precisely like ChatGPT and the reaction even referenced OpenAI, the designer of ChatGPT. The rumor that Grok was being trained on OpenAI’s code returned to the news, which Musk has denied.

Elon Musk rushed to hit back at ChatGPT’s post and implied that the reaction seems to be comparative as ChatGPT scratched every one of the information from this stage for preparing.

Elon Musk is looking focused on the criticism he is getting about Grok and is answering a portion of the great and terrible remarks. In another case, Elon Musk responded with chuckling emoticons to a some brilliant client reactions by the simulated intelligence stage. The web-based entertainment client additionally referenced that Grok is the best man-made intelligence model made.