What I’ve learned about cities while traveling in big buses! You can also get off at a variety of locations around the city and get back on at a different stop. It’s an amazing way to learn about a city’s history and culture and hear the best stories!

Tuk Tuks A popular mode of transportation in many Asian, African, and Central/South American nations is the “tuk tuk,” also known as an auto-rickshaw. It is basically a carriage with three wheels that is attached to the frame of a motorcycle. It’s for the most part outdoors and here in Thailand, many are ‘blinged up’ with multicolor disco lights, clearly music, and a bright driver searching for a decent tip!

They are a quick, cheap, and generally pretty cool way to get around a city or town. They can get you through traffic quickly, avoid traffic lights, and let you see all the sights as you go by. Certainly worth the ride!

Thank goodness tricycle taxis or cycle rickshaws are popular in the Philippines! Unless you want to sit in traffic for three hours to cover a few kilometers, taking a taxi is rarely a good option in the larger cities.