Walking around a city is one of the best ways to see it! I’ve walked through a lot of places, including Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Melbourne, and Hong Kong. There is no better way to experience markets, boutique shops, street foods, street performers, and a wide variety of other sights and sounds.

My sister and I were in Beijing when we came across a food cart selling toffee-covered strawberries. It was the day’s highlight. My sister getting a charge out of toffee strawberries in Beijing.

The whole way across the world, there are free strolling visits accessible. Simply search for “free walking tours” and your city. The majority will simply provide you with a time and location for your meeting, and it is up to you to show up. The tip you choose to give the tour guide for a “free” walking tour is the cost of the tour. One of my favorite ways to see a city is on a hop-on, hop-off bus tour.

Hop On/Hop Off Big Bus tours are available in most big cities. On most tours, you get headphones that you can set to your preferred language. As you ride through the city, a recorded voice tells you about the great sights you’re seeing and the history of the buildings and culture along the way.