To avoid deli belly, my sister and I made the decision to go vegetarian while backpacking through India. It paid off! Not only are most Indians vegetarian, but we also didn’t have any stomach issues at all. This made it easy to follow this diet.

They are famous for making and eating street food in Thailand, but does that mean you should? As the saying goes, when in Rome, you should try the local fare and really get a taste of the country’s cuisine. It’s one of the best parts of traveling, but you can’t tell how sensitive your stomach is to foreign food; therefore, be sensible.

If you care about what’s in a dish, don’t be afraid to ask, learn the local words for “no spice,” “no sugar,” “no MSG,” “no meat/bones,” etc., and do your research. Learn about the best local dishes by reading about the experiences of other travelers and responding accordingly.