The greatest amount of change will likely occur during the next 20 to 50 years. A volatile and unpredictable future is predicted by augmented reality, 3D printing, cryptocurrency, currency debasements, medical advancements, climate change, space travel, the pandemic’s aftermath, and massive civil unrest.

I, for one, would like to keep my feet on the ground and be as one with nature as possible by traveling to new places, meeting people from different cultures, expanding my horizons, and experiencing life to the fullest!

5. If you pay too much tax where you are right now, you probably pay too much. Traveling around the world solves this problem. For long-term travelers, traveling has tax benefits. There are a lot of western countries that demand a lot of taxes from corrupt and out-of-touch governments that use too many tax dollars for bad things.

It all depends on where you’re from and how far you’re willing to go (for example, giving up citizenship), but if you’re thinking about traveling for a long time, you should get tax advice because you might be better off.