As I reflect on my experience as an independent tour guide, I have three recommendations for women considering the same: When you can, make sure you take time to yourself so you can recharge and think clearly. Take a break whenever you can and decide to eat a few meals on your own.

Keep yourself open to interacting with other travelers. People of all ages took part in our tour, and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about their life experiences and travel tales. If you can, schedule some time before or after the tour. The day the tour came to an end, I went back to Toronto, but I really wish I had stayed longer to explore Dublin on my own.

A wonderful way to learn about a country’s history and culture is to go on a tour. As far as I might be concerned, the Green With Jealousy visit filled in as a hors d’oeuvre, and presently I need more. I want to see more of the countryside and spend more time in Galway, the charming city. When I return to Dublin, I also look forward to visiting museums and other attractions.

Disclaimer: Sue was a guest of Globus Travel on her trip to Ireland, and the company paid for her trip. This article was not reviewed by Globus prior to publication.