Some of the world’s most stunning locations are among the top 50 bucket list destinations. According to Clayton-Lea, “lively cities also make an appearance on a lot of people’s bucket lists.” White sandy beaches are still a must-visit for many. The countries with the most famous landmarks and natural scenery won: White-sand beaches make up 22% of the list, and iconic cities make up 52%.

The Bo Kaap neighborhood in Cape Town, South Africa, is known for its vibrant colors. The Bo Kaap neighborhood in Cape Town, South Africa, is known for its vibrant colors. Big 7 Travel found that 33% of people research vacation destinations on their Instagram feeds, and that people were also more likely to add a destination to their list if they had seen it on social media. “It makes sense that cities with colorful neighborhoods (like Cape Town’s Bo Kaap) made the cut,” says Clayton-Lea. “Over one third of our readers say they look to Instagram for travel inspiration.”

Bali topped the list of the 50 most popular places on people’s bucket lists, but there were also some surprising choices. There are a lot of dream destinations on the top 10 list, but there are also a few surprises: Clayton-Lea cites Paro Valley in Bhutan and Virunga National Park in the Congo as examples. I believe this demonstrates a strong desire to escape the grid, and I can only assume that social media (and Netflix in the case of Virunga!) are to blame. is accountable for promoting these amazing locations.”

The study revealed an interesting fact: The majority of people have only 11 destinations on their “bucket list,” with the goal of visiting seven of them in their lifetime. Regardless of the number of puts that are on your list of must-dos, this positioning will make you long for places all over. Find out Big 7 Travel’s thoughts on each of the world’s top 50 bucket list destinations below.