A visit to Rathbaun Farm, about 45 minutes from Galway, where I had a delicious lunch in the farmhouse before getting a tour of this 80-acre working farm, is also highly recommended. We bottle-took care of sheep, found out about sheep-shearing, and got to observe an undeveloped pup do what falls into place without a hitch – group the sheep!

Literary Excursions: The Book of Kells and Trinity College’s Library One of my most memorable experiences was visiting Trinity College’s library in Dublin. It is clear from a quick look at any Dublin-related website or guidebook that it is highly recommended. I concur! In addition, if you stay at either the Samuel Hotel or the Gibson Hotel, you can walk along the Liffey River for a pleasant half-hour to Trinity College and its library.

It was fascinating enough to look at the Book of Kells, which is thought to have been written around 800 AD and is so well preserved; however, entering the Old Library was simply awe-inspiring.

As part of a huge conservation project, the entire library—all 350,000 early printed books and 700,000 collection items—are currently being emptied. Each book is painstakingly cleaned with a specific vacuum, estimated, electronically labeled and connected to a web-based index prior to being securely put away in an environment controlled office. In order to finish the project, they anticipate closing the library for several years in the fall of 2023. As a result, you should book your trip as soon as possible!