Best Places to Travel Alone

For a woman, traveling alone can be an empowering experience. You can go wherever you want, eat whenever you want, see and do what interests you, and skip activities that don’t. There is no need for consultation, agreement, or compromise. It can be a flurry of self-discovery that boosts confidence. However, some women are apprehensive about going it alone.

They concentrate on potential challenges like getting lost, feeling alone, maintaining health, avoiding harassment, and remaining safe. The fact of the matter is that going out on their own does present some challenges for single women. You can minimize the risks and increase your chances of a rewarding trip with careful planning, common sense, and respect for the local culture. The 12 best places for a woman to travel alone are listed here.

Leaving the Vikings behind, Norway is known all over the world for being a safe and friendly place to travel, two major considerations for a single female traveler. When it comes to ratings of happiness and quality of life, Scandinavian nations consistently top the list. The Norwegian people are especially hospitable and proud of their culture. They seem really happy to help a visitor, give them directions, or give them a suggestion. A language barrier isn’t a big deal because most people speak some English and sometimes a few other languages. The 21 national parks, legendary fjords, epic glaciers, and northern lights will delight nature lovers. Olso, Bergen, Stavanger, and Tromso will impress city-seekers.