While volunteering abroad, volunteers can stay in touch with both the ABV local staff and their family and friends back home through a variety of means. Internet/cyber cafes are available at all city/urban program locations, and their typical hourly rates range from $1 to $2. The majority of ABV guesthouses and homestays provide landline telephone numbers in addition to WIFI access (for a fee). There is access to internet facilities in nearby small towns and mobile phone service in even remote program locations. To keep in touch with their volunteers, ABV staff members all use mobile phones.

Volunteers should inquire about their mobile phone provider’s plans for international calls and texts prior to traveling. Volunteers should think about purchasing a portable wifi device, particularly in rural areas. Volunteers who intend to travel with their own mobile phones should look into Skype, FaceTime, and WhatsApp apps to stay connected via messenger or short phone calls home. When volunteers arrive in the country, they can either rent a wireless phone or purchase a cheap disposable phone. You can do that for less than $50 in some places. In point of fact, your regular carrier might even provide rentals abroad. The local ABV staff will assist you and direct you to the best places to buy SIM cards.

Our ABV staff will assist you in getting in touch with family and friends back home to let them know you arrived safely once you have settled in. On their Volunteer Guide/summary, each volunteer also receives a 24-hour emergency phone number for contacting ABV staff.