In the middle of Southeast Asia’s mainland is the Kingdom of Thailand. Thailand offers a variety of cultural history, tropical wonders, and adventure travel in addition to its glittering temples and tropical beaches. Thailand has experienced a period of economic expansion since 2015. Despite the progress that has been made, certain obstacles and conditions continue to pose a threat to the Thai people and society.

Thailand’s poverty levels have decreased as a result of unemployment and a high percentage of the population lacking a secondary education. Fortunately, there are opportunities to assist the Thai people in eradicating poverty and boosting prosperity for all citizens with assistance and awareness.

The center of our ABV volunteer programs is in Udon Thani, the capital of a province in northeast Thailand. The well-known archaeological site at Ban Chiang is located in Udon, which is also a significant regional hub with a sizable expat population. Like other Thai provincial towns, Udon is known for its hand-woven silk and “kid” textiles, as well as its own unique handicrafts.