The A Broader View volunteer programs in Zambia, which are based in the cities of Lusaka and Livingstone, have significantly improved the lives of the children, youth, and families we serve. The greatest commitment is to focus on early childhood education and make significant changes to the living conditions of disadvantaged and incarcerated youth. Programs like the Diversion Program, which we advocate for to move children in trouble with the law from incarceration to a correctional facility where they can receive effective rehabilitation, recreation, and education, have expanded with the assistance of ABV volunteers.

Zambia is a landlocked nation with more than 10 million people in south central Africa. Zambia has a mild tropical climate due to its elevation. The state has been dubbed “The air-conditioned state” due to its consistently pleasant climate. Given the tremendous measure of public stops and game stores, Zambia is home to the absolute most bountiful creature populaces in Africa including major game creatures. Zambia’s most popular attraction is Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfall!

Volunteer Peru Cusco Review Katerina Kokkoris PreMed Student ProgramVolunteer Peru Cusco Review Katerina Kokkoris PreMed Student Program Zambia is one of Southern Africa’s more politically stable nations with the potential to be one of the continent’s wealthiest. Zambia, on the other hand, is one of the poorest and most indebted nations in the world. The country is experiencing food shortages, a steady influx of refugees, the effects of HIV/AIDS, poverty, and corruption.

There are thousands of homeless orphaned children in Zambia, many of whom have HIV/AIDS. In Zambia, extreme poverty is the norm, many children are orphaned by AIDS, health care is woefully inadequate, and public education is subpar and not free for thousands of children. One thing is obvious. These children require assistance.

Support a health care project while volunteering in Zambia and helping orphans, vulnerable children, youth, and young adults.