Volunteer in Vietnam: For many, Vietnam will always be associated with economic oppression and the horrors of war. However, additional scenes can be found. Every year, thousands of tourists flock to Vietnam to enjoy the white-sand beaches, floating markets in the Mekong Delta, colorful hill tribes, and lush greenery. Vietnam has emerged as one of Asia’s most popular vacation spots.

The country’s towns, architecture, and cuisine are all examples of the rich cultural legacy that has shaped it. In spite of late financial additions, Vietnam stays a low-pay country. A sizable portion of the population of Vietnam lives just above the poverty line. Rural areas, particularly those close to river deltas, are home to more than three quarters of the population and 90% of the poor overall. Agriculture provides a source of income for nearly 80% of the country’s poor.

You can participate in meaningful community service while learning about the wonders of this fascinating nation through our programs.