Volunteer in South Africa, which has been dubbed the “adventure capital of the world” due to its breathtaking wildlife and natural beauty. This fascinating nation has a rich culture, fought for freedom, and friendly people who make it fascinating to explore.

Although many black South Africans’ lives have changed significantly since the end of apartheid, there is still a large and highly marginalized population in South Africa, particularly in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas. Even though there are a lot of international volunteers who come to South Africa, most of them choose to work on projects in cities near the ocean, like Cape Town or Johannesburg.

In the Eastern Cape, our project is in Port Elizabeth. Sadly, despite the substantial amounts of international assistance that have entered some of these townships, an overwhelming number of children and adolescents have not benefited from international volunteer services.

You can participate in meaningful community service while learning about South Africa’s people, sights, smells, and tastes through our programs. This is a great chance to make friends who will last a lifetime, gain insider knowledge of a new culture, and realize that a single person can really make a difference.