In Tanzania, volunteer: is the largest of the East African nations (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania), and the coast plains to the east make for spectacular scenery. the saucer-shaped plateau in the interior; and the coastal islands and the highlands. Tanganyika, the country’s mainland, and the Zanzibar islands off its east coast are the inspirations for the country’s name. Tanzania, which gained independence in 1961, is a peaceful, stable nation with few tribal or regional divisions.

The famous Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park in the north, Selous Game Reserve, and Mikumi National Park in the south are among Tanzania’s ecologically significant wildlife parks. Dr. Jane Goodall’s research on chimpanzee behavior was conducted at Gombe National Park in the west. Tanzania is home to approximately 120 tribal groups and has stunning scenery. Tanzanians value their country’s multicultural heritage highly, and tribal diversity is not seen as a source of division.

Review of Ryan and Charlie at the Health Care program in Arusha, Tanzania, in the video Review of Ryan and Charlie at the Health Care program in Arusha, Tanzania, in the video A Broader View programs are based in and around the city of Arusha, which is in the northern part of Tanzania. Working in a pre-school, orphanage, maternity clinic, regional hospital, and with HIV awareness outreach projects, volunteers in Arusha have assisted hundreds of families. Family volunteering, medical outreach, women’s vocational support, and university-led service trips are all offered through A Broader View. A lot of volunteers go to Tanzania to take part in a safari, but they also contribute to a community-led program to help the country.

A Broader View has hosted hundreds of university student groups, peace corp alternative teens, and family volunteers in our Tanzania volunteer programs, which offer housing for up to 30 volunteers. Programs can be tailored for groups of five or more who are interested in volunteering together. A Broader View Volunteers has extensive experience organizing individualized service trips for small groups with students, teachers, and families.