Volunteering in Kenya

The majority of people associate Kenya with safari vacations and world-renowned wilderness reserves, but the country offers so much more. Over fifty distinct ethnic tribes inhabit Kenya, each with their own languages, cultures, and traditions. Kenya, also known as the “jewel of East Africa,” has some of the best beaches in Africa, beautiful countryside, and a well-developed tourist infrastructure.

“VideoVideo Review Volunteer Abroad Kenya Orphanage Program Tiffany Tsang with Abroaderview.org Like many other African nations, Kenya has been severely affected by the Aids epidemic, particularly in the country. The disease affects millions of people, with children being particularly affected. A lot of children end up orphaned, raised by overworked family members, or worse, living in Nairobi’s slums. Numerous communities now consist of aging grandparents and children without parents, unbalancing the region’s socioeconomic structure and encouraging a cycle of continued poverty in many areas.