Volunteer in Ghana, a stable, safe West African nation known for its warmest people. Throughout the nation, vibrant traditional festivals dripping with glitz and glitz can still be observed and heard. The sounds and sights of an African bazaar can be experienced at traditional open markets. has a diverse natural heritage that includes the largest man-made lake in the world, Lake Volta, crocodile ponds, coastal wetlands, botanical gardens, and dense tropical rainforests.

A Broader View Volunteer placements can be found in small towns and villages throughout the Volta Region and the town of Kasoa in the Central Region. 95% of these people live in rural areas, where subsistence agriculture is the primary occupation. Not only do these rural areas suffer from poverty due to a lack of resources, but they also lack access to essential services like HIV counseling and testing on a voluntary basis.

The Ghanaian people are known for their friendliness worldwide, despite the fact that they do not have such basic necessities. The everyday cheerful attitudes of the locals humble most volunteers. You can participate in meaningful community service while learning about the people, sights, smells, and tastes of Ghana through our programs.

In Ghana, ABV support for volunteers focuses on helping children: refugees, orphans, and the need for early education Extraordinary worker support has extended the shelter administrations, if food, dress and school regalia. In these impoverished communities, medical assistance in the community clinic, HIV outreach, and home visits have all contributed to the saving of hundreds of lives. A Broader View provides volunteer opportunities for families, medical missions, and animals, as well as alternatives for college spring break and university internship requirements. A lot of volunteers go to Ghana to help a community-led program and learn about the fascinating west African culture.