Volunteer in Cameroon, a secure Central African Republic with a Gulf of Guinea border to the west. Perhaps of the most different country in Africa, Cameroon is frequently alluded to as “Africa in little”. Everything you’d expect from an African nation can be found in Cameroon; tropical rain forests, golden, deserted beaches, vast savannahs and lakes, and volcanic mountains in between

The objective of the volunteer program is to provide international assistance to local organizations that assist disadvantaged children and adolescents in south-west Cameroon. The development of communities, health, agriculture, housing, food, and education of these plightful orphans and street children are the primary focuses of our program. Our projects work to improve the current living conditions by implementing sustainable programs and collaborating with the community to give all orphans and struggling street kids a chance to survive the poverty crisis. With our worker programs we permit you to find the miracles of Focal Africa, while doing significant and remunerating local area work.

Volunteer Abroad Cameroon Social Programs with Abroaderview.orgVolunteer Abroad Cameroon Social Programs with Abroaderview.org This is a fantastic chance to learn about life in Cameroon’s rural areas, live and work with the locals, and see that one person can make a difference.