Our highly regarded non-profit charity organization, A Broader View Volunteers, is the best place to volunteer in Honduras. The location of the volunteer programs is La Ceiba, a coastal city. In La Ceiba, Honduras, there are nine different programs from which volunteers can choose.

We provide tourists with an unparalleled opportunity to explore one of Central America’s most captivating regions. Volunteers in Honduras have the opportunity to see Mayan ruins and take a variety of eco-tours, such as zip-lining through rain forests and white water rafting. The nation is a natural wonder; surrounded by mangroves, rain forests, cloud forests, and dense, lush mountain ranges containing pine and oak trees. Ecotourism has gained popularity in recent years, particularly along the coast, which is boosting the local economy in part.

La Ceiba, a city on the coast, is where ABV programs are based. By providing adequate medical and dental services, upgrading ambulance rescue services, and contributing thousands of dollars in medical donations to the regional hospital, volunteer support has significantly improved the lives of the local populace. The medical and social welfare projects are reaching thousands of locals with ABV support.