With a length of 3800 kilometers and a population of nearly 45 million, Volunteer Argentina is the final nation in South America. Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia are its eastern neighbors, as is the Atlantic Ocean. It is broken up into 24 provinces, each of which has its own distinct characteristics.

Visitors have commented on its numerous distinctive characteristics. We can talk about their friendly and fun people, as well as their cuisine, which is characterized by “asado” and “mate.” Of course, we can’t forget to mention their typical regional products, like “dulce de leche” and “alfajores.” Their primary dances, which can still be observed on the streets of the cities, are folklore and tango. When it comes to soccer, Boca and River dispute the fervent fanaticism of the city’s residents, who host parties every weekend. It’s nice to feel the Spanish and Italian roots that the people of this wonderful country still have.

A Broader View Volunteers Abroad Gap Year Projects OverseasA Broader View Volunteers Abroad Gap Year Projects Overseas Because there is so much to see and do from the south to the north, it is a very appealing nation for volunteerism. The Iguazu Falls, Salta with its mountains, Mendoza with its wines, and glaciers, penguins, whales, and sea lions in Patagonia are among its highlights. You can also go to El Valle de la Luna, Bariloche, and other places. Tourists are always welcome to visit the nation because of this, which makes it very interesting for them.

We offer many different programs; Teaching, social work, animal care, medicine, and journalism are among them. We believe that the participant can have a one-of-a-kind time in Argentina by participating in a variety of activities and learning about the country’s culture and way of life.