How much cash do you want?That depends on how long you want to be away and what you want to see and do.It also depends on how you like to travel: do you prefer to backpack, hitchhike, take public transportation, and sleep in hostels, or do you prefer to stay in boutique hotels and take organized trips?The budget differences between the aforementioned modes of travel can be quite significant.It also depends on where you plan to spend the majority of your trip, such as the United States, Australia, or the Baltic states, where prices are several times higher than in Southeast Asia and some South American countries.

You can look up a lot of information online after deciding which countries or continents you want to visit and which travel style you prefer;It should come as no surprise that a backpacking trip to Southeast Asia on a budget should not require more than one thousand euros per month.

Include the estimated cost of the plane tickets, insurance, visas, and other the sum of money you’ll need, however. TIP:If you want to go really low-budget, you can volunteer in exchange for food and lodging, “look after” the house and pets, or find temporary employment in the tourism or agricultural industries (hostels, cafés, fruit picking, helping out on an organic farm, etc.).In such instances, you will not only have an unforgettable experience but also be able to set out with the bare minimum of money you have saved up.