Know Before You Go: Travel Around the World for a Year

Know Ahead of Time:How to Travel the World in a Year—Part 1 Part 1 Part 2 How to travel the world in a year?Why not?In fall 2018, we gathered our sacks and set out on an (very nearly) one-year wedding trip and surrounded the globe in around eleven months.

Are you also considering taking a long trip around the world but are unsure of how to prepare for it?Before embarking on a one-year journey around the world, check out the article to learn a few of the most important things.

Placevanje_v_tujini.png Potovanje_okrog_sveta_naslovna_1.png Finances Money is the foundation of everything.Whenever you’ve focused intensely on going for a year, or endlessly, the time has finally come to fire setting aside – except if, obviously, you’ve previously been doing that.