Experience the very essence of Bhutan with an ETG immersive holiday that gives back, regardless of your taste or style of travel.Handmade vacations designed to help you get to know the people and places of Bhutan, not just as a tourist, but as a genuine traveler who is kind, caring, and curious.

Take in magnificent temples and monuments as well as bustling markets.Immerse yourself in the rhythm, flavor, and traditions of Bhutan’s devoted Buddhist culture by praying with monks.Also, don’t miss the marvelous Tsechu celebrations or the stunning Tiger’s Home religious community.For the brave, how about setting up camp in the middle of a mountain valley or high above isolated villages?White-water raft a glacial river or trek the remote mountain trails of Bhutan.

There are no end of options.Bhutan is a nature lover’s dream with its snow-capped mountains, glaciers, freshwater springs, lush forest, rhododendron blossom, rare black neck cranes, and numerous bird species.The memories will last a lifetime, whether you stay in a beautiful hotel or a cozy farmhouse.