Sri Lanka is a fantastic location for family vacations.There truly is something for everyone, even on such a small island.From wildlife safaris to country trails and gorgeous sandy beaches, there is a lot for the whole family to enjoy and leave behind fond memories.

When you have multiple people to please, it can be hard to decide what to do and where to stay, so we’ve designed trips that will keep everyone happy, interested, and safe. Sri Lanka family vacations are the specialty of Experience Travel Group.We have visited our family-friendly hotels, naturally with children in tow, and will make sure that every detail is taken care of, from securing the right room configurations for your family to making sure that any sightseeing is done with a child (or teenager!)friendly manner, with a lot of fun, adventure, and time in the pool.We have a “Local Experience Manager” in the country who can offer support and advice at any time.Our small but brilliant group of chauffeur guides knows exactly how to make sure everyone’s vacation is perfect.They have made the holiday, and our guests keep telling us how proud we are of them.

Take a look at the possible holiday activities listed below.However, keep in mind that all of our itineraries are only suggestions because we custom design each Sri Lanka family vacation.