We are all aware of the increasing degradation of the environment.We face climate change and global warming issues.This loss is caused by traveling in one way or another.However, if we neglect our environment and mother nature.We won’t be able to go anywhere soon.As a result of voyaging, the spots which once used to have cleanest air have defiled air now, explorers have even changed the time of voyaging.

When it ought to snow, it doesn’t.Beautiful lakes are now filthy, stagnant bodies of water.Flood and earthquake dangers are getting worse on a daily basis.Every region’s natural resources are under threat as a result of excessive tourism.There is an alarming lack of water.A few remote places even don’t have legitimate garbage removal framework which is prompting gigantic measure of contamination.For the purpose of building new structures for tourists, significant portions of the jungles and forests are being cut down.

Even though these things are concerning, we will continue to travel.The way we travel needs to change.We must switch to travel methods that are better for the environment and last longer.The most basic definition of sustainable travel is one in which one travels without causing harm to the cultural or natural environments. This raises the question of how one can travel sustainably.