If you enjoy humorous short travel stories, you won’t want to miss this one: In the entertaining video above, I share about attempting bhang lassi in Varanasi — and the extremely unforeseen and wild night that resulted as a result of it. In addition, if you have ever tried bhang lassi, please let me know in the video’s comments if you had a similar experience.

Is it just me, or Regardless, this is one of my funniest road trips and one of my favorite India travel stories to share! -Jessie of Jessie Goes on a Trip 3One of my most bizarre travel experiences occurred while I was on a gap year in Grenoble, France, when a friend invited my mother and I to Estepona, Spain.After a fun-filled three days, we were driven seven hours to Barajas Airport for our return flight to Lyon.

I love to read, and once I get lost in a book, I’m lost for words.This caused me problems when the time had come to registration and my sack had vanished. My passport and film camera are gone from my bag! No one around us saw anything when we inquired. Signal frenzy, unhinged discussions in broken English, and motions to track down security to report.