How to Travel Around the World and prepare the trip of a lifetime

We traveled full-time for 19 months from China via Southeast Asia to South America. Along the way, we met dozens of people, saw places that will live long in our memories, learned about other cultures and languages. At first, we traveled at full speed, but then we slowed down to just take time to talk, meet, and do other things that we often don’t get to do in our daily lives.

After that, we went back to Switzerland and got good jobs in Zurich. That was the end of a lovely, magical vacation.Except that here we were, having experienced travel for the first time, freedom, and the limitless adaptability of a global trip, and 18 months later, what was supposed to happen did!This time, we resigned to permanently reopen the parenthesis.Since then, we have carried our work in backpacks and given up our pretty Swiss apartment in favor of a way of life that is more suitable for us:the lifestyle of a digital nomad.

We have written and shared numerous blog posts with you since 2012 about traveling long distances or around the world.We have attempted to organize all of this on this page to assist you in navigating the years of blogging.We hope that you will find a lot of useful information as well as motivation to embark on your own adventure of a world trip.