Our free e-book and our travel guide to the world To begin, we’d like to introduce you to two resources we’ve created and invested a lot of time and effort into.We hope that this will motivate you to embark on the adventure of a world trip.

Our free e-book to help you plan your trip around the world There is sometimes confusion about our e-book because you can read it online or download it in pdf format.However, the content is nearly identical in both instances:)

When we were getting ready for our global tour, we started writing this e-book.In order to gather information and prepare for our trip, we spent a lot of time reading various blogs and forums at that time.And to be honest, we would have dreamed of having a document that clearly and step-by-step outlined what we needed to do to prepare for a trip around the world.Therefore, we assumed we would write it, and a few months later, it was there.Since then, more than 10,000 backpackers have downloaded the pdf version, which we hope will still be of use to many more.Simply click on the link below to read it, and you can also download its PDF version.