Our book, “Destination Tour du Monde,” is only available in French and German. Even though Fabienne and I had always wanted to write and publish a book, we never imagined that one day this dream would come true!Yet, to make this project a reality, all that was required was a little bit of luck, a meeting with the right person (Hadi, the founder of the Helvetiq publishing house), and a lot of hard work.

destination tour du monde novomonde In addition, Destination Tour du Monde was established in April of 2017!We have our heart set on this book, which is for anyone who wants to travel and experience new things—or for their families to reassure them;)Naturally, there will be a lot of information to help you plan your trip, but there will also be reflections on the questions you should ask yourself before you leave, advice for when you get on the road, a lot of anecdotes, interviews with other travelers from all over the world, and more, all beautifully illustrated by our talented friend Florian from Helvetiq.

We just tried to make the book we wanted to have before our world tour, and we hope it will inspire other travelers to go on their own travels.You can look at the book page if you want more information.If not, you can simply purchase it directly from our publisher, Amazon, or one of the more than 500 Swiss and French bookshops carrying the Destination Tour du Monde cover.