It is acceptable to wear the same t-shirt for a few days in a row. Nomadic Matt poses for a photo in Hawaii while traveling.You won’t need as many clothes as you think you will. Take half of the clothes you think you will need.Make a list of the essentials, divide it in half, and pack only that!Additionally, as previously stated, you purchased a small backpack, so there won’t be much room for additional items!

However, pack extra socks because you’ll lose a lot from hiking, wear and tear, and laundry gremlins.I only take a few times as much as I require.Nothing compares to new socks!

Take an additional credit card and bank card with you in case of an emergency.In the event that you are robbed or lose a credit card, it is always beneficial to have a backup.You don’t want to find yourself in a new location without access to your money.A card was once duplicated and frozen for me.It was out of my reach for the remainder of my trip.In contrast to my friend, who did not and was constantly required to borrow money from me, I was very pleased to have an additional.