Sleep in a Tent I have a lot of good memories of sleeping in tents.In contrast, my husband does not enjoy camping and only uses a tent when absolutely necessary.He tells me that the most memorable tent experience he has had is waking up one morning in a small, ice-covered tent in the remote Bale Mountains of Ethiopia to search for the endangered Ethiopian wolf.
Preparing to board the boat for an overnight stay, passengers prepare.

BOAT MV LIEMB (PHOTO CREDIT:The Kingdom of Sarah)Sleep On A Boat My husband and I were going to Tanzania’s Mahale Mountains National Park, which is located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, to go chimpanzee trekking.The majority of visitors to Mahale arrive by charter flight.We decided to travel up the lake from Zambia by boat, spending three nights on the MV Liemba, a German warship that served as a passenger and cargo ferry during World War I.

We were able to get a “first-class cabin,” which had a shaky bunk bed, a plastic garden chair, and a broken fan. I wouldn’t recommend the trip to anyone but the most reserved travelers.The majority of passengers slept on the deck rather than in cabins.My husband contracted typhoid on the way home due to the poor state of the shared bathrooms.