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I’d very much want to say I have flown in five star, yet that doesn’t quite sound valid, really!I once got as close as I probably will ever get to flying first class on a trip from South Africa to Australia.Our reservation was incorrectly made by our travel agent.My husband and I boarded the plane with the rest of the passengers for a brief layover in Perth before reboarding in Sydney.Our boarding passes showed us in brand-new seats, which surprised us.First-class travel!We sat down, took a champagne glass from the hostess, and did nothing.We surprised the hostess, so she asked for our boarding passes.And at that point, the error was discovered.We were on the incorrect flight;We were accidentally booked on a later flight to Sydney by our travel agent!After we finished our champagne, we were quickly shown to two empty seats in economy again.While it lasted, our time in first class was lovely!
With mountains in the background, Nepali flags are flapping in the wind.

ACROSS THE FRIENDSHIP HIGHWAY BETWEEN CHINA AND NEPAL (PHOTO CREDIT:The Kingdom of Sarah)Take an Epic Road Trip on a Less-Trodden Route The 8-day, 800-mile trip from Kathmandu, Nepal, to Lhasa, Tibet, on the China-Nepal Friendship Highway is one of life’s most memorable experiences.It takes you past stunning Buddhist monasteries, surreal landscapes, the Himalaya’s highest peaks, and crystal-clear lakes.

A Pro Tip:After the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, the China-Nepal Friendship Highway was shut down and is now only open for the transportation of goods.The current route is along the Pasang Lhamu Highway, a rough route that is only recommended for extremely daring travelers.
At the Malabar River Festival, author Sarah gives a speech.

Seventh CORIOLAN WEIHRAUCHSpend Time with the Locals I went to Kodenchery in southern India with Indian friends who were competing in a white water kayaking competition.I was not actually participating in the competition, but I was somehow persuaded to take on the role of commentator because I was unfamiliar with kayaks’ front and back sides.I was quite a novelty standing on the riverbank with a microphone in hand, trying my best to describe the action that was taking place in the river below, as Kodenchery is not on even the most adventurous traveler’s paths.Friendly locals taught me a few useful phrases, and one of the local teachers acted as my translator when I was completely lost for words.I somehow made it to the local television news and the local newspaper!My celebrity-filled weekend in the backwaters of south India will never be forgotten.