3.When you fall victim to a well-known tourist scam, laugh!
The city of Rome is pricey.In a moderately priced hotel, even a double room can be pricey.When we went to Rome as a family with young children, the most affordable place to stay was in one of the many convents that accept paying guests.We took the train into the city from the airport because we were trying to cut costs wherever we could while traveling on a tight budget.We made the typical rookie error of asking a local taxi driver how much he would charge to drive us to the convent while carrying our luggage and two young children, one of whom was in a pushchair.He gave an outrageous price.Some wheeling and dealing resulted.We got into the taxi after beating him down to a price that wasn’t quite as pricey.He drove for a few minutes before arriving at our location around the corner!A costly lesson was learned.We couldn’t help but laugh!

A group of hikers reaches Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit.
MOUNT KILLIMANJARO Going to THE Highest point (Photograph CREDIT:SARAH Realm)
4.Climb a Mountain I’ve been climbing mountains for a long time.I’ve climbed them, led people up them, and taken my kids and husband up them.I’ve also taken clients on trips that, according to them, changed their lives.

Let me point you in the direction of Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro, where I have been guiding people on a regular basis for years, if you are looking for a mountain that is both doable and challenging to climb.It all depends on when you are asked if you think climbing Africa’s highest mountain is a good “travel experience.”If you ask a climber who is making the last push to the top, they probably won’t say no!It’s a tough, cold, nauseating, and exhausting hell at that moment.But if you ask them six hours later, when they are standing on Africa’s roof and smiling from ear to ear, their response will undoubtedly be different.