Joining Craftsmanship AND Sound IN ONE, Leon’s Ente SoundTile conveys reference-grade sound by Leon speakers controlled by a Sonos Amp®, all exquisitely hidden behind a fine art grille that makes the establishment seem to be a show-stopper than a sound framework. First presented at CEDIA Exhibition in 2019 to much industry honor, the Ente SoundTile was initially just presented in a two-channel sound setup.

Presently Leon has extended the line to incorporate one-channel and zero-channel choices so integrators can blend and match models to make diptychs, three panel paintings, and more with the craftsmanship while keeping the sound and style reliable.

The Ente SoundTile was created with the intention of altering people’s perceptions of architectural audio. Rather than having the speakers stowed away, we maintained that them should be in plain view and really add to the plan of the space,” says Noah Kaplan, Leon Pioneer and President. ” These new Ente models will give planners and integrators much more choices to blend workmanship in with sound in any private or business climate.”

The Ente SoundTile is catching on with the design community as well as integrators. I love the straightforwardness and style of the Ente SoundTile,” comments Toni Sabatino, Proprietor of Toni Sabatino Style, Riverhead, N.Y. “The simplicity of paying attention to your playlist from a piece of lovely workmanship adds such a great amount to the space.”

Ente SoundTile: One Ente SoundTile with two channels of sound and one Sonos Amp intended for single SoundTile establishment.

(New!) Ente SoundTile-1×2: Two Ente SoundTiles with one channel of sound each and one Sonos Amp intended for establishment of at least two SoundTiles.

(New!) Ente SoundTile-Zero: One Acoustic ArtTile without speakers or intensifier intended for establishment of at least three SoundTiles.