Séura’s slimmest, lightest, and most energy-efficient lighted mirrors will go on sale this month. In this most current flood of lit mirrors, Séura brings a patent-forthcoming, marine-grade reflect lodging plan that gives game changing usefulness and stylish enhancements.

Séura’s new lodging securely positions the light source nearer to the mirror draw, conveying up to two times the brilliance and consuming 40% less energy than customary lit mirrors. These cutting edge lit mirrors include Brilliant COB Drove Technology™, the business’ generally exceptional and energy-proficient LEDs. Accordingly, light emanates all the more easily and equitably, wiping out problem areas and exorbitant diffusers.

The new lodging is unbelievably thin, diminishing the mirror’s distance to the wall to just 1.5 creeps for a sleeker, more exquisite plan. Made with marine-grade material impervious to shape, rust, microscopic organisms and consumption, the new lodging endures moist washroom conditions like no other.

The lodging is likewise half lighter in weight for simpler taking care of and upholds a two-stage establishment (lodging first, reflect last), so the mirror is hung as the final detail to any place of work.

“Our objective with this advancement was to convey remarkable worth to our clients regarding useful execution, style, simplicity of establishment, and supportability,” said Loot Emberley, Leader of Séura. ” This up and coming age of Séura Lit Mirrors conveys a raised client experience and coordinates consistently into any plan.”