On West 53rd Street, the new standard for luxury hoteliers was being built across from the Museum of Modern Art. This undertaking was a unique advantage and set out turner toward our organization. In late 2013, furnished with our new top of the line, optical quality, water white, reflection control glass, offering observationally the best TV straightforward Mirror television item, we met the plan group of The Baccarat Inn.

The design team knew they wanted something that didn’t exist: a discreet and elegant solution made of the best materials and finished in the finest materials to hide the televisions in all of their luxurious suites, which would soon be a beacon for people who have traveled extensively.

Over 140 custom Mirror TVs were constructed by our Reflectel team in six-inch-wide smoked oak with red mahogany finish frames. The huge casing creation in strong white oak – in no way, shape or form facade – was the brainchild of the renowned French planner, FX. A lesson in meticulousness was learned as the wood’s finish and final shape were meticulously refined under my unwavering supervision.

These stunning Portrait Plus Mirror TVs featured LG Hospitality TVs and measured 55 inches wide by 75 inches tall. The breathtaking 126-inch x 70-inch Mirror TVs in an eight-inch version of the same frame design were the Baccarat’s crowning achievement. These wonders should have been lifted into the lodging from the road.

The Baccarat Hotel chose Reflectel because they wanted a company that could provide the highest quality beam splitter mirror glass and maximum TV transmission; There was no such thing as something that in the Mirror television world. Just Reflectel’s glass accomplishes this amazing measurement. Reflectel’s Mirror television display area and studios, situated in New York City, gave every one of the accommodations the inn required: a nearby asset, with a sole proprietor, and a background marked by thirty years of effective edge configuration work.

I am extremely proud to have achieved the architect’s vision for the space, with the Mirror TV serving as a key focal point of the design scheme, and Reflectel has received praise from all over the world. Reflectel just increased present expectations for this extravagance project.