Eric also told me a little bit about Spiriocast, which is probably the newest feature that lets you easily record what you’re playing and broadcast it.

SIMON: Indeed, I did the absolute first Spiriocast. I hosted evening soirees for Facebook and Instagram pages for a good portion of the lockdown. For 400 nights in a row, I played a different piece of music each evening.

GEORGE: That is a seriously run!

SIMON: They brought the piano and the most recent software into my home after asking me to perform some tests for Spiriocast. I also gave the first half-hour Spiriocast in December of last year, and everything is so easy to do. The iPad would simply record my voice when I spoke to it and placed it on a stand.

And afterward when I quiet down and afterward play, it records no other sound. It only captures the piano. As Eric pointed out, knowing that my playing was simultaneously being heard on Steinway Spirio piano keyboards all over the world was, of course, very exciting.

Therefore, in December, I performed Christmas songs for half an hour. It’s nice to have six or seven more coming up.

GEORGE: Additionally simpler, I assume. In some cases the street can be fun, however I’m certain it gets somewhat tiring sooner or later.

SIMON: Absolutely. I’ve quite recently returned from a visit through Ireland with a gathering, a traditional gathering, and it was good to play before swarms once more, however I thought, “All things considered, with the Spirio, I could simply do this at home in my night wear.”