This just sounds amazing, so I’ll have to see if I can find a distributor and listen to it.

ERIC: Yes, it is something you would not be able to do otherwise to experience that. You’re never going to have a live melodic involvement in Glenn Gould or Horowitz, Rubinstein, other than through Spirio, on the grounds that it’s really the piano playing.

GEORGE: Incredible. When was the debut of Spirio on the market? When was the first time you started working on the product?

ERIC: Bringing music innovation into Steinway was another thing for the organization absolutely, and that is essential for what I do, that is my group. The short version is that I became a Steinway employee through acquisition.

I offered my organization to Steinway in 2008, a music and innovation organization. In 2014, we truly joined the piano organization to construct the music innovation and media di-vision of Steinway, and the primary undertaking was to foster the best high-goal player piano that we would be able. That later evolved into Spirio, which we introduced in 2015 in test markets and launched globally in 2016 to great success.

In 2019, we followed that up with Spirio | r, which I referred to as the recording instrument. Thus, a sort of sequence of developments. Once more, all that we do, innovation, it’s steady cycles of new highlights and enhancements, so from Spirio to Spirio | r and continuous gradual programming discharges for Spirio.

Spirio also gets new music every month, so when you buy a Spirio piano, you get the app, and when you open it, you automatically get new music every month. Every month, the Spirio app publishes a Spirio Spotlight that highlights all newly released recordings.