There are many different ways to search.

ERIC: Yes. You can search for music by any genre, create playlists in any way you like, and find music in any way you want. So that is the very thing that Spirio is. The instrument that also gives you access to recording technology is the Spirio | r. If that’s the case, you can also simply switch to the record section, press the Record button, and start playing the piano. The method I just described will record everything you play.

GEORGE: That must be very satisfying to many artists. That is an elegant method for recording their music.

ERIC: Right. Artists will appreciate the unique ability to edit recordings in high resolution in addition to playing and recording. The majority of music editors for music data files are MIDI-based. The main high-goal information supervisor a craftsman needs is incorporated into the Spirio application, so you can play whatever and afterward alter the substance assuming that you need, and specialists in all actuality do involve this for recording.

Make your accounts in the information, save them, play it back, and your progressions will be all saved in the document that you then can hear. GEORGE: Which artists are included in the app? Ramsey Lewis is an old favorite of mine, and I believe I saw him.

ERIC: Yes. There are in a real sense many craftsmen that have recorded for Spirio. Extraordinary jazz specialists like Ramsey Lewis. Charge Charlap has recorded a great deal for us. There are many: Lang Lang, Yuja Wang. Loads of notable old style craftsmen, heaps of notable jazz specialists.

Numerous outstanding living artists, including Christian Sands and Aaron Diehl, Steinway Immortals are historical audio recordings that we have brought back to life through Spirio. This is another process in which we take an audio recording and then approximately translate the audio file into a data file, which is our data format. There is also another part of the Spirio catalog that we call Steinway Immortals.

The file is then meticulously edited, one step at a time, to match the original audio recording. Furthermore, we ordinarily do this with video too, so Spirio-adjusted recordings, which is one more piece of the Spirio experience. You are watching the artist perform in a video, just like you would on YouTube, but the acoustic piano is playing on the iPad or an external monitor connected to the piano.

So for the Immortals, for example, you can watch Thelonious Priest performing from 1956 and hear the acoustic piano playing. Many people typically find that to be something of a mind-blowing experience. Oh, there’s Art Tatum and Horowitz.