Innovation – Sound Spirio, Section Two Inclining further toward this astonishing player piano innovation from Steinway and Children. BY GEORGE MCCLURE Established IN 1853 BY GERMAN Migrant HENRY ENGELHARD STEINWAY in a Manhattan space, Steinway and Children is the most notorious name in the piano business.

He and his sons worked together for a long time to create the modern piano, building their instruments one at a time and using skills that have been passed down through the generations. Steinway has turned into the decision for north of 95% of show craftsmen, none of whom are repaid to embrace the instrument.

The Spirio, Steinway’s most recent innovation, is the world’s best high-resolution player piano and offers an unparalleled musical experience. We recently had a conversation with Eric Feidner, Chief Technical Officer of Steinway & Sons, about the distinctive history of the brand and the compelling new experience that Spirio provides; This is the interview’s second section.

ERIC FEIDNER Steinway & Sons CTO The acoustic piano can be heard playing in a 1956 performance by Thelonious Monk. That typically results in a kind of jaw-dropping experience. GEORGE: To summarize from Section One of our meeting, when you purchase a Steinway piano furnished with Spirio innovation and plug that in your house, it resembles the craftsman is there playing the piano for you.

ERIC: Yes. Furthermore, it’s undeniably intended to be very consistent. It is intuitive and simple to use, and it has always been a part of the instrument. You get a beautiful Steinway piano when you buy a Spirio piano. Along with it, you get the most recent iPad and a special key to unlock the app. Additionally, when you open it, you can access the Spirio library’s thousands of tracks.

That’s how everything works, and the app is important. When you first open the app, you see things like featured artists, featured playlists, featured music, and other such things. However, after that, it turns into a database of music. This is somewhat fascinating. You can look at some way you need. You can look through songs, artists, composers, and more.